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JAN 2019


3 L&T  |   7 R&D



Alaukawaiadapted from the chant E ulu, speaks of an abundance of water that flows from the 'ōhi'a, captured by its leaves, absorbed by its branches, nourishing the plants on the forest floor. As the 'ōhi'a flourishes and reproduces, water becomes further abundant and the forest thrives.


Inspired by the water which moves through the 'ōhi'a, stimulating growth, feeding streams, rivers, and kanaka, such is our work in Alaukawai, aimed at the sustenance of our Kamehameha Hawai'i kauhale and the establishment and nourishment of current and future forests.

ʻŌiwi Edge





‘Ōiwi Edge is our campus identity unique to Kamehameha Hawai‘i, which is inspired by Ke Ali‘i Pauahi’s lineage to Hawai‘i, our kūpuna, and generations of heroes and innovators who have shaped our communities. ‘Ōiwi Edge reflects the agency, adaptability, and resilience that we both inherit from our strong ancestral foundations as well as strengthen within ourselves through experiences of personal and  global discovery and contribution. 

To ensure that we all aspire and arrive at a standard of excellence scaled to a rapidly changing world, it is our shared kuleana to evolve our school and deliver on our promise that all haumāna can achieve ‘Ōiwi Edge. To meet this challenge, we researched distinguished models of educational innovation and future readiness trends aligned with ‘Ōiwi Edge criteria. We adapted our findings and designed a model that would advance learning for haumāna by accelerating change from within to create new pathways for learning & teaching and grow capacity for sustained success. This resulted in the 2019 launch of Alaukawai, a bold and innovative dual-operating system for kula-wide improvement.


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Based on John Kotter’s work on strategic agility and in consultation with international education consultant, Robert Landau, and Craig Johnson, co-author of R&D Your School: How to Start, Grow & Sustain Your School’s Innovation Engine, Alaukawai has two synergistic operating systems. Both parts of Alaukawai make whole our effort to evolve, adapt, and responsibly disrupt current educational models, all in service to our haumāna, our ‘ohana, and our lāhui:

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​Supports the scaling and implementation of

evidence-based practices in ‘Ōiwi Edge 

learning and teaching. 

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Researches, designs, and tests new models

and practices that exemplify ‘Ōiwi Edge

learning & teaching. 

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