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Course 1
Module 1

Intro to the ʻŌiwi Edge
Innovation Process


~ 1.5 hours

Take it anytime, anywhere

No submissions


Visually map your understandings as you learn about the practices and anchors that make-up the ʻŌiwi Edge Innovation Process and how they interact with each other. 


Read the Primer to dive deeper into the practices and anchors of the ʻŌiwi Edge Innovation Process

  1. As you read the primer, highlight key concepts or words from each practice. Look for the major components.

  2. Create a web map with the practice in the middle. For example, “kilo.” Add the major components to the web map for “kilo.”

  3. Reread the primer. What are the subcomponents that come from each of the components? 

  4. Look back at your web. What are experiences, mindsets, skills, or knowledge that you feel are important to the major or sub components that are not there? Add these in your web map.

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Wrap your journey

here with


Learner Agency |

The DNA of the ʻŌEIP

Mai poina!

To receive credit for this micro-credential course, don't forget to submit required assignments


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