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E ulu ē, e ulu kini o ke akua
Ulu aʻe ʻo Kāne me Kanaloa
Ulu ka ʻōhiʻa,
a lau ka wai, ka ʻieʻie
Ulu aʻe ke akua a noho i kona kahu
Eia ka wai lā, he wai ola
E ola iaʻu, i ke kumu
E ola i ke poʻo, ke poʻo puaʻa
E ola i ka pae, ka paepae
E ola i nā haumāna, nā haumāna a pau
ʻEliʻeli kapu, ʻeliʻeli noa.


Adapted from the chant E Ulu, Alaukawai speaks of an abundance of water that flows from the 'ōhi'a, captured by its leaves, absorbed by its branches, nourishing the plants on the forest floor. As the 'ōhi'a flourishes and reproduces, water becomes further abundant and the forest thrives.


Inspired by the water which moves through the 'ōhi'a, stimulating growth as it feeds streams, rivers, and kanaka, such is our work in Alaukawai. Aimed at the sustenance of our Kamehameha Hawai'i kauhale by evolving, adapting, and responsibly disrupting current education models in service to our haumāna, our ʻohana, and our lāhui. <Needs 'Ōiwi Edge for E Ola!>

‘Ōiwi Edge is a tool to share and distribute leadership, share decision making, and take the power differential and disrupt it.


May 2018       

Alaukawai, our kula-wide system for sustainable innovation, rolls out to faculty and staff. 

Mar 2018

KS Hawaiʻi creates Alaukawai, our kula-wide system for sustainable innovation to build new capacities for success in a changing world:                               

  • Sharp focus on ‘ōiwi learning & teaching

  • Commitment to K-12 synergistic engine 

  • Agency as a kula to make systemic change

  • Leadership capacity of hoa kumu and haumāna

  • Shaping the legacy of our kula

Feb 2018           


Craig Johnson visits KS Hawaiʻi to guide our kula’s leadership team in the design of a dual operating system.

Nov 2017


KS Hawaiʻi cadre of faculty and leaders huakaʻi to Singapore American 

School to research their system of innovation.

Oct 2017


KS Hawaiʻi leaders begin researching how we might adapt our campus structure to support the vision of ʻŌiwi Edge.


Discovery of the book, R&D Your School: How to Start, Grow & Sustain

Your School’s Innovation Engine, leads to consultation with co-author and American School of Bombay Superintendent, Craig Johnson, and international education consultant, Robert Landau, to learn more about R&D systems.

Sep 2017           

ʻŌiwi Edge rolls out with the larger KS Hawaiʻi ‘ohana at our inaugural ʻŌiwi Edge Summit.

June 2017

KS Hawaiʻi leadership reviews stakeholder feedback and affirms ‘Ōiwi

Edge as our campus identity.

Feb 2016 - Jan 2017


KS Hawaiʻi partners with DTL Hawaiʻi, a Hawaiian strategy studio, to use a culturally-centered methodology for broader stakeholder engagement. This stage of the process becomes known as Keauākea.


Keauākea launches as KS Hawaiʻi continues to build our kula’s unique compelling story through broader stakeholder engagement. Focus groups gather manaʻo with haumāna, hoa kumu, ʻohana, alumni, community collaborators, and local & global knowledge leaders.

ʻŌiwi Edge emerges as a potential concept to describe our kula’s shared identity and purpose.

Sept 2015

KS Hawaiʻi embarks on a process to identify our kula’s unique contribution to Kūhanauna Vision 2040 and serving our lāhui.


Focus groups gather manaʻo from various KS Hawaiʻi stakeholders including all campus faculty and staff and haumāna and ʻohana from each division.

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